Cocktails at Koi

We all love Koi’s delicious sushi and Japanese fare. Between the spicy tuna, the creamy rock shrimp, and the kobe beef carpaccio, what’s not to love? But today I want to give a little love to the cocktails at Koi.  Koi’s cocktails alone are something to write home about.

My all time favorite is the lychee martini. It’s delightfully sweet without being syrupy. And man, is it strong! I’m serious, if you drink more than one-and they’re so delicious you will-you better have a designated driver! 

Another favorite of mine is the Wasabi Praise. It’s a brilliant blend of Vodka, Saki, Lime Juice and fresh wasabi. The vodka and saki balance perfectly, while the wasabi gives it a little kick, and the lime juice makes it tart. Yum!

If you’re not a fan of sweet cocktails, I’d recommend the Ginger Sidecar made with Cognac, Ginger Liqueur, and Sweet and Sour. The Ginger gives it a really unique flavor: almost dry. It’s not overly sweet at all.

Finally, if you ever have the chance to go to Koi when they have one of their seasonal cocktails, you must partake! One year around Thanksgiving, I had a pumpkin martini at Koi that was absolutely to die for! The pumpkin flavor made it fluffy and sweet, so it felt like I was enjoying dessert through the entire meal.

As if you needed to be tempted further, I’ll just leave you with a few other appetizing names of their cocktails: Koi Chai Tea, Tangerine Cosmo, Blackberry Martini, Saketini, and the Espresso Martini.

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Koi will Open at the Trump Hotel in Soho NY

Currently, New York’s only Koi restaurant is in the Bryant Park Hotel in Midtown. It’s done really well and is still a celebrity hotspot despite being seven years old! Apparently, Koi’s success caught the eye of the Trump Hotel Soho and they’ve decided to bring Koi in to liven up their restaurant space! That’s right New Yorkers, you’ll now get to enjoy TWO Koi locations!

The Trump Hotel Soho opened 2 years ago with Quattro Gastronomia Italiana in their restaurant space, but the restaurant pulled out shortly thereafter and Trump had been operating the restaurant itself under the same name. No doubt bringing Koi in will be an excellent move. Its Soho location will most likely draw in all the Celebrities who love Koi, including Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Garner, George Clooney, Liv Tyler, Emma Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez.

I can’t wait to sample all my favorites in the new Soho location: Crispy Rice, Salmon Carpaccio, and the Lobster Tacos! But I do wonder if they’ll add any special items for the Soho opening? All the menus do differ a little bit from each other. For example, the Lobster Tacos are available in LA, but not in the Midtown NY location. But the Bryant Park Koi has Seared Red Snapper Sashimi and LA does not. I can’t wait to see what they add to the new location! Kobe Hot Rock Beef perhaps? Or maybe some kind of Fried Rice dish? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Trump Hotel Soho Koi opens this summer at 246 Spring Street. This will be the 5th location for Koi and the second location in New York. No doubt it will have the same super appealing upscale zen lounge environment as the others. But even more exciting for the Trump Hotel, apparently the owner Nick Haque will run several other dining and entertainment options within the hotel! I’d love to see them do a more casual Japanese dining option as well, or maybe some other fusion fare!

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Koi at Restaurant Week

It that time of the year again for restaurant week! If you missed it last year be sure to catch it this time around. Our favorite restaurant Koi will be participating with hundreds of other restaurants. Here is what is on the Koi restaurant week menu: First course choices are- Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, Creamy Rock Shrimp Tempura, and Spicy Seared Albacorer with Crispy Red Onions. Next for the second course the options are- Miso-Bronzed Black Cod, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, and Grilled Skirt Steak. For desert Dine-LA customers will be enjoying a delicious assortment of Mochi Ice Cream. The first course choice would be a difficult one for me. Can I get all three appetizers? For the second course I would have the Miso-Bronzed Black Cod. This Black Cod is absolutely amazing and melts in your mouth like butter! Restaurant week is sure to be a lot of fun so make sure to check out Nick Haque’s Koi during this special week. The three course meal is only $34 which is quite a great deal!

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Koi is a Top Sushi Restaurant!

Haute Living named their top 5 sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. It was no surprise that Koi was on the list! Haute Living chose Koi for its ability to fuse Japanese cuisine for American palates and of course the freshness of their dishes. Some of the dishes mentioned in the article were the Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Tartare and even the Pepercorn Filet Mignon! With so many amazing dishes it must have been a hard choice to choose these two items. Nick Haque’s Koi is an excellent restaurant to visit.

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Watch: New Menu Items at Nick Haque

Wondering what is on the menu at Koi this holiday season?  Find out the delicious items  that made it into the holiday menu choices!  Check out the video with an exclusive interview from executive Nick Haque Koi chef Rob Lucas!

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Kelly Monaco and Cheryl Burke Spotted at Koi!

Kelly Monaco and Cheryl Burke were spotted dining at Koi in Las Vegas this month.  Once again, yet another celebrity spotting at Koi!  Kelly Monaco is known for being the winner of season one of dancing with the stars.  Cheryl Burke is also known from the hit tv show as she is one of the show’s professional dancers.  I wonder what they ordered.  Perhaps an order of the spicy tuna with crispy rice?  The two stars started their night at Nick Haque ‘s Koi Restaurant at Planet Hollywood Resort.  After a dinner at Koi they headed to Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas, where they celebrated Jenny McCarthy’s birthday. Sounds like yet another exciting night out at Koi restaurant!

Kelly Monaco and Cheryl Burke at Nick Haque Koi

Kelly Monaco and Cheryl Burke visit Nick Haque Koi

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Emma Roberts at Koi!

We know that going to Koi restaurant is exciting for more reasons than just the food.  Yes, the food is an amazing experience in itself, but there is also the people watching.  A night at Koi is almost sure to end in at least one celebrity spotting.  Once I was dining  there and sitting at the next table over was Nicky Hilton.  More recently though, Emma Roberts was spotted at Koi Restaurant in West Hollywood with boyfriend Dathan Kuppin. You really just never know who you might see when you spend a night out at Koi.  Besides the celebrity factor there are always very interesting and trendsetting people at Koi.  For those people planning a trip to Los Angeles, if you want to spot a celebrity definitely make reservations for Nick Haque‘s Koi.  Many celebrities are regulars there.  You probably won’t spot a celebrity walking the Hollywood walk of fame.  Check out the tourist spots during the day and and relax with a nice meal at Koi.

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Koi is Zen Heaven

Nick Haque Koi's entranceOne of the highlights of Koi besides the delicious cuisine is the atmospheric tone that is set by the zen inspired surroundings.  Koi’s owner Nick Haque recruited the well respected German designer Thomas Schoos to head the design team for the restaurant.  Entering Koi is like stepping into a zen retreat.  You will immediately feel relaxing as you bathe in Koi’s candlelight. Lovely bamboo, earth tones and fountains will lead you into a delightful evening.  Koi offers a tranquil escape from the busy urban atmosphere that surrounds it in the city of Los Angeles.  The special attention to detail really pays off from the intricately carved dark wood doors to the green bamboo and low couches.  It is the perfect compliment to the sensational food that Koi offers.  The atmosphere invites you to sit down, relax and enjoy.  Start off with a glass of saki or one of Koi’s specialty beverages.  If you are on a diet you will be happily impressed by Koi’s imaginative “skinny menu”.  An evening at Koi is a night to remember!

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Koi Earns “Best Japanese Restaurant Los Angeles” on The Place’s “THElist 2011”

It is hard to believe that Koi has been around for almost a decade.  Unlike other restaurants that come and go, Nick Haque’s Koi has consistently been one of the trendiest and talked about restaurants in Los Angeles.  This year it was awarded a spot on The Place’s “THElist 2011″ for “Best Restaurant in Los Angeles.  With delicious dishes that keep people coming back over and over again, you can’t go wrong with Koi.  The relaxing zen garden atmosphere makes Koi a lovely retreat from the urban surroundings of Los Angeles.  At Koi you can choose from over 15 types of sake.  Koi even has its own house sake brand.

One great dish to try is the Crispy Rice with Yellowtail Tartare.  This dish is amazing as is the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna.  If you visit Koi and don’t order one of these dishes you are missing out.

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Feeling Slim-tini?

One of the things I love about Koi is that they offer great low calorie options. Eating out can be a disaster if you are on a diet, but not at Koi.  Koi even offers lower calorie beverages!  These beverages taste so good you won’t even know that they are low calorie.  For instance one classic is the Citrus Slim-Tini which is made with Junmai sake.  Amazingly, it only has 145 calories!! Another great one is the Pom Springs which is  a martini of vodka, pomegranate juice, agave and soda water.  Each drink is very delicious and unbelievably light in calories.  Why ruin your diet when you can have delicious drinks that aren’t filled with tons of empty calories?  Nick Haque Koi’s skinny menu is one of the best diet menu’s that you can find in LA!  All the food and beverages items are packed with lots of flavor but low on calories.

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