Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Koi’s “Skinny Menu”

Koi has recently introduced a new menu called the “Skinny Menu.” This menu offers wonderful dishes that are both flavorful and under 300 calories. For those on a diet, this is great news because you can dine out without feeling guilty. You can’t go wrong with options like Chilean sea bass with fresh ginger, shiitake mushrooms and grape tomatoes. You can also opt for tuna and tofu Caprese with fresh wasabi and caviar. For those who are not fans of seafood there is a grilled chicken lettuce handroll with cilantro tofu lime sauce. Of course, the “Skinny Menu” would not be complete without drink and dessert options. To satisfy your sweet tooth the sorbet is a nice light choice to end the meal. Staying on a diet never tasted so good! Of course, it is well known that Koi is a celebrity hangout in Los Angeles. The stars will easily stay skinny with all the delicious and healthy options available at Nick Haque‘s Koi. This special menu is available at the Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York locations.

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