Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrities spotted at Koi!

People magazine reported that both Ryan Phillippe and Jennifer Hudson were spotted at Koi recently.  Nick Haque Koi is very famous for attracting a celebrity clientele so it is not unusual for stars to show up there for a meal.

People explained, “Ryan Phillippe stepped out for a guys’ night out at Koi in Los Angeles, where the actor shared a late dinner with pals. Despite an attempt at anonymity thanks to a hoodie, the actor ended up nabbing a prime table outside on the restaurant’s front patio as he enjoyed a laughter-filled meal. ”

People also explained that Jennifer Hudson was at Koi saying, “Also at Koi (separately): Jennifer Hudson, who treated herself to creamy rock shrimp and spicy seared Albacore while catching up with two girlfriends.”

Great choices with the creamy rock shrimp and spicy seared albacore, Jennifer!

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