Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eva Longoria at Koi!

Eva Longoria loves Koi!  Celebrities love to eat at Koi and Eva Longoria is no exception.  The actress had some friends visiting from Spain and wanted to show them a great time!  Where do celebrities go to show their friends a fabulous meal? Koi of course!  Eva took her friends to Las Vegas Nick Haque Koi after a night on the town.  She took her friends to see O and then for a meal they went to Koi.  What an exciting night out.  Cirque de Soleil is one of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas.  There could be no better way to end a wonderful night than a delicious meal at Koi.  You just never know who you may end up seeing at Koi!  There are many fun activities to enjoy in Las Vegas.  If you are taking a trip to Vegas make sure to take a clue from Eva Longoria.  Dine at Koi and catch a show such as the entertaining O.

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