Monday, October 24, 2011

Koi’s Commitment to Charity

Not only does the famous restaurant Koi offer amazing food, but they also have been know to donate to worthy charities.  Koi has used their success to help others.  Some of the recent causes that Koi has raised money for include the earthquake and tsunami in Japan as well as for famine victims in Africa.  Koi raised money by creating new menu items which part of the money from went to charity.  There were also beverage choices that helped the cause as well.  Koi has demonstrated a commitment to helping others in need.  In just a few weeks Koi was able to raise over $15,000 for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The new menu items were the “Just a Little Shot”  and the “Rising Sun Roll.”  Koi even created a non-profit charity to use culinary arts to raise money for worthy causes.  The charity is called “Just a Little” non-profit organization and it was started by Koi owner Nick Haque.

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