Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill spotted at Nick Haque Koi

Nick Haque Koi diner: Faith Hill

Nick Haque Koi diner: Faith Hill

When visiting Koi is West Hollywood California, there is a good chance of seeing a celebrity.  If you were to drive by Nick Haque Koi on any given night, you would probably spot a handful of paparazzi hoping to snap a picture of a huge star leaving this Japanese fusion restaurant.  Many celebrities and everyday people as well are regulars at Koi.  Koi highly regarded as an upscale restaurant that serves fresh and delicious cuisine.  It is also enjoyed for its serene, yet trendy and hip scene.  Koi manages to keep the delicate balance of being relaxing and zen-inspired, yet busy and happening at the same time.  The design concept of the restaurant was carefully planned out with attention to detail. Koi has seen its share of celebrities and recently a country music family was the latest celebrity diners to eat at the world famous Koi.  Faith Hill along with her husband Tim McGraw and their three daughters enjoyed a delicious meal at the Koi restaurant.

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