Friday, June 24, 2011

Flower Power at Nick Haque Koi

In New York flowers are blooming everywhere.  This has inspired a new drink craze.  Drinks with floral flavors and garnishes.  One New York restaurant that is always on the forefront of what is hot is Nick Haque Koi.  Koi has a variety of creative beverages of different styles.  The mixologists at Koi know how to create delicious and inventive drinks. One bartender from the New York Koi shares some of the new popular floral inspired drinks. “You can always find cilantro, basil and other herbs on menus,” says Koi bartender Ben Waclaw. “The floral addition gets people talking.”  Some of the popular drinks with floral influences popping up in New York include Elder Flower and Violet, Lavender, and Hibiscus.  These drinks are light and refreshing, a perfect choice for summer.  Of course there are also other traditional drinks for those who are not into the flower flavors.  For instance, there are the fruit flavors such as a Tangerine, Blackberry or  Lychee Martinis.  There are also beverages that are not sweet.  Whatever your preference, you can find it at Koi.

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