Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Book Features Nick Haque

Black Book recently featured an article about Nick Haque.  “Working in real estate taught me to appreciate the way each of the senses is inspired when you enter a room,” Haque told Black Book. “I realized there was an absence of restaurants that appealed to all of the senses.”  Haque also told Black Book that he aims to make each meal a unique experience by focusing on a combination of elements.  These elements include comfort, design and quality ingredients.  Haque also mentioned his famous “Skinny Menu” in the article.  This is the menu with the low calorie options for those watching their weight.  While Nick Haque opened the original Koi in Los Angeles in 2002, since then he has opened several more restaurants.  The other locations are New York, Las Vegas and Bangkok, but Koi does not plan to stop there.  He plans to open many more locations worldwide.  He tells Black Book that he wants to open locations in Miami, Dubai and Washington DC.

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