Friday, August 5, 2011

Nick Haque Gives Back With Vegas Koi!

Nick Haque was recently interviewed by Vegas All Night!  Koi Las Vegas is a popular restaurant so it makes sense for a magazine that focuses on Vegas night life to interview the man behind Koi.  When asked what his favorite dishes at Koi are Haque mentioned the spicy tuna with crispy rice and a new dish.  The new dish was Edamame Dumplings and they are a great dish to eat and support a cause at the same time.  50% of the proceeds from this menu item will go to support relief efforts in East Africa.  Koi restaurant has a great track record for raising money for people who are suffering.  When you eat at Koi you can feel great about your choice of restaurant because not only will you be eating delicious healthy food, but you will also be helping to support an important cause.

If you ever wondered how often Nick Haque can be seen at his restaurants, your question is answered in this interview.  Haque explained that he tries to make it to each of the Koi locations once a month.  Haque also talked about some of the specials going on right now at Koi.  For instance, “Sunset Flights is a tasting menu of three of our signature menu items and specialty cocktail pairings available in the Lounge from 5pm-7pm seven days a week,” Haque explained.

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