Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where to Eat at Koi

If you are in one of the cities where Koi is located, whether you live there or are visiting as a tourist, make sure to make a point of eating at Koi.  Koi is a restaurant that everyone who is a fan of Japanese cuisine should try.  Once you taste their spicy tuna with crispy rice or their baked crab hand roll, you will be in heaven.   Luckily, there are several locations for this restaurant.  You can find one of Nick Haque’s Koi restaurants in the following locations:  Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Bangkok.  Once you dine here you will instantly become a fan.  From the ambiance, to the service, to the food, dining at Koi is an amazing experience.  Koi is a fun place to go because you just never know who you may see.  Many celebrities have been spotted at Koi.  If you are on a diet, you can even find some healthy low calorie items on the Koi Skinny Menu.  Koi also has a expansive menu with just about everything you could want.  Whether you are in the mood for sashimi or steak, you can find some delicious options at Koi.

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