Thursday, November 17, 2011

Koi is Zen Heaven

Nick Haque Koi's entranceOne of the highlights of Koi besides the delicious cuisine is the atmospheric tone that is set by the zen inspired surroundings.  Koi’s owner Nick Haque recruited the well respected German designer Thomas Schoos to head the design team for the restaurant.  Entering Koi is like stepping into a zen retreat.  You will immediately feel relaxing as you bathe in Koi’s candlelight. Lovely bamboo, earth tones and fountains will lead you into a delightful evening.  Koi offers a tranquil escape from the busy urban atmosphere that surrounds it in the city of Los Angeles.  The special attention to detail really pays off from the intricately carved dark wood doors to the green bamboo and low couches.  It is the perfect compliment to the sensational food that Koi offers.  The atmosphere invites you to sit down, relax and enjoy.  Start off with a glass of saki or one of Koi’s specialty beverages.  If you are on a diet you will be happily impressed by Koi’s imaginative “skinny menu”.  An evening at Koi is a night to remember!

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