Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emma Roberts at Koi!

We know that going to Koi restaurant is exciting for more reasons than just the food.  Yes, the food is an amazing experience in itself, but there is also the people watching.  A night at Koi is almost sure to end in at least one celebrity spotting.  Once I was dining  there and sitting at the next table over was Nicky Hilton.  More recently though, Emma Roberts was spotted at Koi Restaurant in West Hollywood with boyfriend Dathan Kuppin. You really just never know who you might see when you spend a night out at Koi.  Besides the celebrity factor there are always very interesting and trendsetting people at Koi.  For those people planning a trip to Los Angeles, if you want to spot a celebrity definitely make reservations for Nick Haque‘s Koi.  Many celebrities are regulars there.  You probably won’t spot a celebrity walking the Hollywood walk of fame.  Check out the tourist spots during the day and and relax with a nice meal at Koi.

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