Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrities Love Koi

One thing is certain: celebrities love Koi. Which ones in particular? Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Paula Abdul, Avril Lavigne, George Clooney, Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Lynn Siegler, Jennifer Lopez, and even Madonna have all been spotted at Koi! What do they love about it so much? Perhaps its the exclusive atmosphere: it has dark booths, romantic zen-like interiors and even a koi pond! Or maybe it’s the option for privacy: Koi has a red-curtained private room where celebs can hide away while they enjoy a delicious meal. There’s even a private entrance so the celebs don’t have to be captured by paparazzi if they don’t want to be! But of course, the celebrities wouldn’t show up if the food wasn’t star quality.  And indeed with dishes like Salmon Carpaccio, Creamy Rock Shrimp and their famous Crispy Rice, what more could a foodie celebrity want? Great service of course! The staff is extremely welcoming, respectful, knowledgeable, and attentive. Those celebs aren’t going to be waiting around for their food to arrive or their server to bring their drinks at Koi. Everything is prompt, professional and polite!

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