Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Save Room for Dessert at Koi

After I’ve eaten a meal of my favorites at Koi like Beef Carpaccio, Creamy Rock Shrimp, Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, and an assortment of sushi, I’m generally very full and satisfied. But no matter how full I am I ALWAYS make room for dessert. Some restaurants do appetizers and entrees well but then they just sort of skimp on desserts. Not Koi! I adore Creme Brulee and Koi’s Vanilla Creme Brulee is always made to perfection! It’s also a fairly light dessert so if I’ve already eaten a lot, I’ll generally get their creme brulee. But if I have a bit more room I like to go for one of their more elaborate desserts like their Flourless Molten Chocolate Volcano Cake. This is so delicious you never want it to end. If you like more exotic desserts, go for the mochi! If you haven’t heard of mochi, they are these little balls of sweet dough filled with different flavors of ice cream. It may sound a little strange if you’ve never had it but it really is incredible. Koi has all the standard ice cream flavored mochi like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. But they also have several more exotic flavors like passionfruit, green tea, red bean, honeydew and lychee! So good!

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