Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Date at Koi

Before I got engaged, I used to always request Koi for a first date restaurant. It’s really the perfect spot for a first date. The atmosphere is romantic and dark, which I think really helps set a relaxed and comfortable tone for the evening. First dates can be sort of stuffy and sometimes even feel like job interviews. But in Koi’s relaxed atmosphere, it’s much easier to be yourself. Plus, if I have to suffer through a first date (most of which are bad, let’s be honest) I might as well get a delicious meal out of it right?

I think the thing I love most about Koi for a first date is that in many ways you can tell what kind of man a guy is by how he approaches a first date at Koi. Did he make a reservation? He’s a planner and likes to have his ducks in a row. Did he show up without a reservation but say he prefers to eat in the lounge anyway? When my now fiance took me to Koi on our first date, he showed up in sneakers and a t-shirt. Blissfully clueless. I was worried they wouldn’t let him in, but they did, and to this day I credit Koi for helping me meet my soon-to-be husband. They sat us in the sushi lounge and we laughed and had the best time. I’m glad Koi didn’t judge a book by it’s cover and I’m glad I didn’t either.

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