Sunday, May 13, 2012

Koi’s Lychee Martini

Want to have the best Bachelorette party ever? Start the night off at Koi and order a round of lychee martinis! My girlfriends knew that Koi was my favorite restaurant, so they decided that for my bachelorette party last weekend we should obviously go to Koi.  We started the night with a round of lychee martinis, my favorite cocktail at Koi. Why do I love the Lychee Martini so much? It has just the right amount of sweetness. Most lychee martini’s I’ve had are too syrupy. Koi’s lychee martini is sweet, yes, but it doesn’t lose that kick from the alcohol.

That said, the lychee martinis are strong and I’m glad we were taking cabs that night. We had our second round when our food came out.  The lychee martini pairs perfectly with simple sushi dishes like Salmon and Tuna, but it goes equally well with the more complex dishes like the creamy rock shrimp or kobe beef carpaccio.

We had one more round with dessert–we ordered several orders of Mochi for the table.  Yum! But in truth, the lychee martini was the best dessert ever! By the end of dinner, none of us really felt a need to go clubbing. We’d had the best time just hanging out drinking martinis at Koi!

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