Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Koi’s Creativity

Koi is so creative with their dishes. They take such delicious ingredients and make combinations that you would not expect. Take for example the Koi Skinny Menu. The Tuna and Tofu Caprese with wasabi and caviar is quite inventive. Then there is the Kobe Gyoza. This is as fabulous as gyoza can get. This is LA so of course it makes sense for a California fusion restaurant to have tacos, and the lobster tacos at Koi will hit the spot. Then again the traditional dishes are also amazing. A trip to Koi would not be complete without the spicy tuna on crispy rice. It would also be hard for me to resist the baked crab roll. My personal favorite is the Spicy Seared Albacore with Crispy Red Onions and Ponzu Sauce. This is absolutely a delicious treat. Even the drinks are creative. Take for example the Koi Chai Tea. This delicious drink contains chai green tea vodka. Then if you are brave there is the Wasabi Praise which contains fresh wasabi. The combination of delicious food and lovely atmosphere makes Koi by Nick Haque a great choice for a special night out.

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